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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

Here’s another sweet face from one of our contributors: meet Manoe! With her distinct style in mixing vintage, high street and designer and experimenting with daring hair dyes, we couldn’t let this little bird of paradise fly away just like that.


A tour of Puglia: Trulli Valle D’Itria

Italy’s Puglia region is known for its “masseria,” a sort of bed and breakfast where people open guest rooms in their farmhouses. But there’s nothing farm-like about these places – many are beautiful, renovated and certainly worthy of a visit.

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It’s no secret that I always try to use natural cosmetics and skincare products whenever possible. It’s scary to know some of the chemicals and preservatives that go into products – and I certainly don’t want them on my skin!


A Tour of Puglia: Best-Kept Secrets

Seven days in Puglia, Italy, was one of the best holidays of my life. My boyfriend and I spent the week driving between small towns, checking out amazing beaches, and of course eating copious amounts of delicious pizza, pasta and gelato.