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Fashion Event STIJL Maastricht

People who live in Amsterdam have the habit of thinking ‘everything happens in Amsterdam’. Well folks, last weekend proved me wrong. Stijl Maastricht invited The Digitalistas to visit their fashion show and to experience a true Burgundian night in the beautiful city Maastricht. Without a doubt, this event was happening!


Thursday Treat: Omelegg

Eggs are often recommended for a consistent breakfast, and there are so many ways to prepare them. The most versatile form we know is an omelet, as you can add many other ingredients to turn them into a nourishing and tasty meal. Hence, Omelegg‘s concept.


Win: NOOSA talisman bracelet

NOOSA Amsterdam might ring a bell when we say the word ‘chunk bracelets’. But that’s not all the accessory label’s about nowadays. They have a expanded their range with bags, belts, wallets, key rings, sandals and scarfs.