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The Digitalistas Daily News Flash

- Is it a necklace? No it’s an earring! Or maybe it is an necklace yet….Whaaah, we don’t know it anymore! Help us!!! (Fashionscene)

– David Koma wins Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Merit Award. Congratz to him! (Glamour)

– Victoria B. is looking like a little child…AGAIN. No this time she is not playing hide and seek with Marc Jacobs ( the uncle of Digitalista E. We swear!!!), Vicky was swinging in Nothing Hill for her new campaign. (Fashionscene)

– Balenciaga for less! Well, oke not exactly, but we are also happy with a nice B. look-a-like dress from Warehouse. (Shopgirl)

– Exposition Twiggy in London City!  Off we go to London… (Glamour)

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