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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Chifff: My new BFF


All throughout my life I’ve never had any problems with this biennial visit. Usually, especially when I was younger, it was a family trip. When I grew older, it became a quite convenient escape in between school hours. If possible, I tried to bend the rules and took more time than necessary for my visit. I just spent some more time reading magazines in the waiting room, not even disturbed by all the drilling sounds for one bit.

Project PEP by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo support the Simelela centre in South Africa

Jimmy Choo and The Elton John Aids Foundation come up with a special project called Project PEP by Jimmy Choo. Their goal is to support the Simelela centre in South Africa, which helps African women with aids.

The list of celebrities we saw during London fashion week




Mario Testino with Digitalistas E. and M. Mario Testino with Digitalista K. and muze E.
Oke, fashion is not only about celebs, but still! If you live in the Netherlands, you don’t see international celebs that much! You only see some teeny tiny soap stars from Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden. Not exciting at all…Seeing Emma Watson and Anna Wintour makes us mad. At the end we are still some regular Dutch girls from Amsterdam. Forgive us!

Back from London Fashion Week!

Grazia/Jimmy Choo/Elton John Aidsfoundation bag

The Digitalistas are back from London Fashion Week! And what a blast it was! Four girls sharing a hotelroom, it felt like a-week-long sleepover… haha! Now you’re probably wondering who the fourth girl was, well, that’s Evelien, model, stylist and the new Digitalistas muse.

We are still exhausted from our London trip (crashed a lot of parties), so we will be back at you with our London adventures and pics as soon as we’re all alive again.