The Digitalistas in Cosmopolitan's top 6 of Dutch fashion bloggers

How cool is this!

We are still a little bit flabbergasted about it: The Digitalistas are in the top 6 of Cosmopolitan’s pick of most authoritative fashion bloggers in the Netherlands. May we scream?

This is very good news for us, after our spot in the list of the British Fashion Council. Together with us are Nalden (, Sabrina (, Leroy ( and Nancy ( Congratz for all.

The Digitalistas in the top 6 of coolest fashion blogs

…for the latest fashion news and trends. Karine Bloem, Elisah Jacobs and Marieke Ordelmans, also known as The Digitalistas, were blogging front row during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week…

British Fashion Council, Cosmopolitan…. What will be next?


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