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Monthly Archives: August 2010

© Glamour NL/Alique

Sneak peek Dutch Glamour B-day Issue

Tomorrow is a big day for the Dutch Glamour. It’s the magazine’s 5th birthday! And that means party for us! And a sneak peek for you. To celebrate and share the love of fashion with everyone, this issue of the magazine will count over 500 pages, and brings along a very nice surprise…

The above picture is from an editorial that Fashion Director Jetteke made with model Kim Noorda. Don’t you love the Alaia dress? We do!

Is Digitalista E. Vogue’s next generation street style photographer?!?

Yes, she made it to the shortlist of Vogue’s street style Next Generation competition. Selected by Creative Director Vogue Magazine Robin Derrick and his colleagues Emily Sheffield (Deputy Editor Vogue Magazine), Jaime Perlman (Art Director Vogue Magazine) and Michael Trow (Picture Editor Vogue Magazine).

Five street style pics – made in London and Paris  – are selected. You can view it in here. You can watch her street style pics – made for The Digitalistas – in here.

Fingers crossed! We are so excited!

Trés Plastiscines in Elle Magazine September 2010

Les Plastiscines in Elle Magazine plus a new single!

Remember the Paris based rock-pop band Les Plastiscines,  Digitalista M. is fan of? Well they are still not very well known in the Netherlands (well, actually M. heard one of their songs in the H&M lately…), but that is still a matter of time, she guess. In the September Issue of Elle Netherlands you can read an interview with les Plastiscines which Digitalista M wrote after she met them  in Paris. So, there is something going on. But for now keep you up to date with all the latest news, like for example their new single: Pas Avec Toi.

Rag doll Anna and Grace

Playing with barbiedolls is so 2009! If I have a daughter one day I would want her to play with Anna and Grace. Well, not with the real ones, but with the rag dolls. One’s fashion education can never start too early.

V mag preview: High Society

‘New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New york!’- from Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

We support powerwomen. And so does V magazine. In their latest issue, the New York-issue (that will hit newsstands September 17 in Europe), Terry Richardson took pictures of notable NYC social women: Barbara Bush, Minnie Mortimer, Maggie Betts, Allison Sarofim, Rachel Roy, Shoshanna Gruss, Dr. Lisa Airan, and Byrdie Bell.

Lowlands pics!

As promised, here they are! The rest of our Lowlands pics. The other pictures were published in a gallery by our friends of Thankfully the weather stayed dry last week (we just ignore the three drops of rain we felt), it would have been a whole different story if it was washing with rain like it is right now.

Shopping for Lowlands part III

Well, here’s my last inspiration-shopping for Lowlands…It’s my personal favorite, because it comes closest to my own style. It’s nice and easy-going for a festival, but has the edge thanks to some leather items, like the low leather Converse sneakers.

See ya @ Lowlands on saturday! Pull your best festival-outfits out of your closet. We might wanna to take your picture! If we do, you’ll see yourself back here soon!

Shopping for Lowlands part I

The first festival mood I am in, is sort of 70’s hippie. I was born at the end of the seventies and grew up with the last pieces of flower power, and love, peace and hapiness. Jimi Hendrix is still one of my favorites from that time, and I am very happy that my dad kept some of his old records. When I saw the royal lilac Jack Purcell tie dye sneaker by Converse, this shopping came rolling out my creative sleeve!

Hope you’ll enjoy it, while I am contemplating about my next inspiration for a festival shopping…