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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Copright: Elisah Jacobs

Street style by Digi E.

First of all we thought: ‘OMG, is that Chanel?!?’ But Jolanda – PR lady at Staat PR – told us that her jacket was an originel design from MATTIJS, the designer label of Dutch designer Mattijs van Bergen, also a very good friend of her.

Supporting our local heroes: El.Rod & Abstract release debut single “Picky” online

Meet Roger, a guy we see once in a while somewhere in Amsterdam during a presentation or fashion show. He introduced himself to us as a musician. Of course we wanted to hear something, but no, we had to wait. Not for a week or a month…nooo, we waited at least for a whole year! And every time we bumped into him, he promised us we will be the first ones to publish his song. So, loosen your hips  ladies en gents and listen to the  first debut single ‘Picky’ of El.Rod & Abstract. “It’s cool for a man to say ‘no’ to a woman”

Copyright: Elisah Jacobs

Fred N is off to….. PARIS FASHION WEEK!

Our pretty always looking damn gorgous petit Frederique – a.k.a. Fred N – is off to Paris for the Paris Fashion Week. And he’s there to keep you posted  from the French fashion scene.

Check out The Digitalistas this week for some fashion scoops, runway photos and more made by our very own Fred N. Next time we’re there too.



The Digitalistas & Fred N

* You can read other blogs of Fred N here!

Soon to come: O.W.A.P.

Get your smiley T-shirts out of the closet, because October 15 it’s time to party again! O.W.A.P is back and kicks ass acidstyle. We love going back to our teenage years and dress up in fluo colours and dance the night away on our Nike sneakers.

Copyright: Elisah Jacobs

Street style by Digi E.

Our dear friend Jules is always looking good: something old, something new. Her closet is full of vintage treasures like this pink coat which she bought in Notting Hill, Londen.

Gare du Nord: Sex ‘n Jazz

A nice music tip for our Dutch readers: the club tour of Gare du Nord. A sexy jazz band from the Netherlands.  They’ve got some steamy jazz songs which not only the hardcore jazz fan will adore. Digitalista. M just bought their CD Sex ‘n Jazz and plays it almost every night to get relaxed before she goes to sleep. On October 2th she will also visit one of their concerts at Tivoli in Utrecht. Do you want to see them performing live as well? Check their website now for the Dutch Club Tour schedule. For now, we give you a little sneak of what you can aspect on stage. Love it!