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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Lacoste sunglasses: get magnetic

If you like to climb on walls like some kind of Spider Woman, stand on your head two times a day to feel you’re alive or see the world on reverse or you have a sudden urge to headbang each time you hear rockmusic, than you can wear these sunglasses from Lacoste without them falling of.

Wanna eat cheese with the Royals?

Then we have a party-suggestion for you if you haven’t made any plans for your Saturday night: Royale with Cheese in club AIR.

Three reasons why you should go:
1. You like cheeseburgers (has nothing to do it, but still)
2. It’s in Club AIR, where legendary club IT used to be located, but now totally clubbing 2.0
3. Actually this should be the main reason: because DJ duo Claire & Sheila Hill will be spinnin’ the decks. And they are cool!! (as you can see, we’re creating a fanclub here)


Lady in pink

It’s Birgit, a lovely girl from Amsterdam working for Dutch magazine Grazia. Her pink skirt from Monki matches really good with the bike, right? Have you already seen her Chanel bag? When she got it, her friend organised a babyshower for it. If that ain’t real love for fashion….!!

Palladium: hidden gems of L.A.

We have never been to L.A., but if one day we do, we would definitely take on Odette Annable as our guide. The young actress grew up in the City of Angels, and started her acting career alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Kindergarten Cop’ at the age of five.

She has starred in several movies and series (Cloverfield, Breaking In) since then, and you will spot her soon in ‘The Double’ with Richard Gere. But first, heritage boot brand Palladium teamed up with the beautiful Latina for their latest urban exploration, entitled “Hidden Gems of L.A.”

It's Nana

Lovely Nana

We caught Dutch PR lady Nana on the streets of Amsterdam with a lovely leopard printed jegging, a woolen coat, over sized sunglasses, a Filippa K canvas bag and a delicious cocktail. One of a kind.


Fashion Food @ Ready to Fish

We’ve spotted some delicious chocolate cookies at the press presentation of Ready to Fish’ autumn-winter collection 2011/2012. Dutch designer Ilja Visser invited us to take a peek at her latest collection. And besides those lovely cookies we’ve found some amazing Ready to Fish chip bags too.

Off she goes...

Digitalista E’s New York wishlist

OMG! I (Digitalista E) am going to New York city for the first time of my life. And I’m so excited. I have a thing for it for years, but I’ve never booked a trip to it, because South-Africa, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand (Hong Kong is in the running for the end of the year….) and all those fascinating European cities were first. But now I’m off to go to the Big Apple. And I’m bringing my very own Mr. Big with me.

Will you be best dressed @ OWAP?

Did you know that O.W.A.P. (Original Warehouse Acid Party) has a best dressed award? You have got one week to gather all your fluorescent shizzle and make it work! We have some inspiration for you to go rave in style. But remember, it’s just INSPIRATION. It’s up to you to look like you have won the paintball-fight with Lady Gaga. And DON’T take example on Digi K., because she got pimped at the entrance last time (and is too lazy to even try and make it to best dressed, so she won’t be your competitor either).