Join the Pipe

Hitting the gym? Why not do it in style with this fashionable – and philanthropic – water bottle from Join the Pipe.

The non-profit organization is working to redistribute water in a better, safer, more eco-conscious way. Did you know that we waste on average 70 litres of drinkable water every day just while flushing toilets? Meanwhile, people in other countries are dying of thirst…

Join the Pipe is a Dutch company that sells water bottles and other products (carafes, bar tap stations, etc), and uses profits to build pumps and wells in parts of Africa and Asia. Their popular water bottles, available in blue and pink, resemble a water pipeline with twistable tops and bottoms that connect to one another. The organization has delivered water to 10.000 people worldwide and financed over 80 water and sanitation projects thus far. Symbolically, the more water bottles that sell, the longer the ‘water pipe’ grows and the needless production of disposable plastic bottles can decrease.

Join the Pipe also sells carafes, bar tap stations and pumps for entire villages for sale. In Amsterdam? Get yours at Aveda Dayspa for €15. Proceeds raised here have already been used to finance a water pump in Bangladesh.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz


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