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Clinique Beauty Balm

Clinique has launched its first ‘BB’ (beauty balm) cream, which is an all-in-one solution for an easy daily makeup routine.

After your morning cleanse, apply a small amount of the lotion to your face and spread evenly in circular motions. The moisturizing cream is packed with antioxidants, SPF 30 protection and a tinted hue so it will cover any blemishes or imperfections. If you need heavy coverage, it can be used as a primer before applying a thicker foundation.

I love the BB cream for both weekdays and weekends, as it offers enough coverage and protection for the day. Lightweight and able to be used on all skin types, it breathes easy and doesn’t clog pores.

BB creams are particularly popular in Asia, and have recently been introduced into European and North American markets.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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