My new style bible

Paris_style_bible_1Sometimes you stumble upon a book you know you got to have. In ‘Paris Streetstyle -A guide to effortless chic‘ I have found my new style bible.


© Frédérique Veysset

The cover does not instantly reveal what’s inside, but my interest in the effortless style of the ‘Parisiennes’ made me pick it up and browse through it. This book is not only a confirmation of my inner French-ness (genetically 50%, though style wise it has to be 80%), it’s also an honest view on how Parisian women really relate to fashion; as a way of life.

That it is written by two Frenchies, does not mean it is a chauvinistic plea. The authors just want to refrain from the stereotype of ‘French style’ being mythical. In an interview with the Daily Beast journalist and co-author of the book Isabelle Thomas says: “I didn’t invent the wheel but I believe that French style is like a skill that can be learnt and nurtured in many different, individual ways.”

Offering a good mix of text and images, and interviews with both fashion icons and anonymous women, the book is well worth the purchase. I found mine at the very lovely lifestyle shop Sukha in Amsterdam, but you can also find it at

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