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At-Home Beauty Machine

Ever dream of making your own beauty creams, cleansers and formulas at home? Paris-based industrial design firm Eliumstudio has made it possible with their newest creation, Naturalis. It’s the world’s first household appliance (and mini laboratory) that allows the user to custom-make his or her own skincare products.

The small machine comes equipped with a recipe book, skin type guide and instruction manual for how to mix your own potions. The recipes are based on four key stages: cleansing, preparing, maintaining moisturize and nourishing.

The apparatus has various settings, so it can be programed to cold (to make mask and peels) or hot (to make hand and body creams, milks and balms). It uses ‘Helical Emulsion Technology,’ or high turbulence, to create a stable emulsion while it also homogenises the ingredients. The result makes for a stable and penetrable cream that’s great for those of you who love bio products.

Naturalis was made by Eliumstudio for homemade beauty brand Rowenta and retails for €199.49. Find more info in here

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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